The Seven Basic Genre Values

Existence is dualistic – hot and cold, high and low, strong and weak. Nothing exists on its own. At the beginning, the Creator separated Heaven (active) and Earth (passive). The Creator’s first creative act is the establishment of the dualism of existence.

Next, the Creator establishes seven basic, cosmic, dualistic powers (seven cosmic days). All subsequent dualisms are derivates (mixtures) of these. These seven powers are also inside us (chakras) and produce our ambivalent and often contradictory personalities.
I mapped those with Genre Values (red=not sure). It may help you to find new values and innovate conventions.


Seven Powers and Values


As you can see, the Peace/Strife value is underserved as an explicit genre though it is basic to every story. In a psychological-spiritual context, peace and strife means to be caught in the ambivalence of dualism (the two pillars). The Inciting Incidence kicks the protagonist’s life out of balance and the protagonist strives, throughout the story, to master a dualism, until he or she is able to re-establish the balance (the poise of the High Priestess).

Every outer battle is a projection of an inner battle and the protagonist can only win the outer battle if he wins his inner battle first.

I added the Tarot cards to the picture because they helped me adding symbolic details to my stories. Mind the colors of the Tarot cards. They are by no means arbitrary. Using the right color in a setting at the right moment may triggers deep subconscious reactions in the reader. Mind that the seven colors of the Tarot card borders are the seven rainbow colors.

A side note: The Magician bridges the above and below. He is very sacrificial. One of his titles is transparent intelligence. That’s where the sacrifice convention in the Action, Thriller, Horror, and Love/Marriage genres come from.

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