A Light Particle on the Event Horizon

Once upon a time, Photine, a light particle from the Star Lyra in Andromeda, flashed across the event horizon of a black hole. The black hole attracted Photine with a Biblical darkness. Gotta check that out, Photine thought and took a turn.

Other light particles followed suit and lend force to Photine’s curiosity.

“Hey there, how are you?” Photine called out.

“Great. How are you? I think we’re onto something here.”

As Photine approached the black hole, its gloomy promise grew exponentially. Shall I enter? Traveling through spacetime is so eventless. Nothing happened for thousands of years. This is a lifetime opportunity.Photine sacrificed its worries for hope and dived into the black hole.

The black hole became narrow and the light particles squeezed each other. That feels … ecstatic. I haven’t felt like this since I left Lyra. Is this the gate to Heaven?

But the squeezing became painful. Should I turn around or fuse with the others? Photine glared at the core of the black hole that invited her with a magnificent stillness.

“Let’s unite!” Photine screamed.

“Let’s unite!” The others screamed too.

They embraced each other, fused, and became a single stream of light. United, they dived into the blissful point of nothingness and screamed, “Hallelujah!”

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