Inspiration and Enlightenment – the Soul’s Bread & Butter

Why Inspiration and Enlightenment?

Values determine human existence, like love and hate, life and death, sadness and happiness. Authors and artists dedicate their lives to producing human values like beauty, happiness, love, purpose, and inspiration.

In the case of a Harley Davidson workshop, the value is sense of freedom. In case of a pottery workshop, it is serenity. In the case of my workshop, it is Esprit. Esprit produces the following value chain:


Inspiration and Enlightenment Value Chain Graph Basic


What is that thing that moves up and down this value chain from suicidal to enlightenment, like quicksilver inside a thermometer? What can transform along this value chain?

Andrew Solomon gives us a decisive hint in his inspiring talk on depression. He says that the opposite of depression is not happiness, but vitality.

We can’t separate vitality from consciousness. Where there is a living being there is awareness and where there is awareness, there is a living being.


Life = Consciousness = Spirit


Inanimate things and organisms are made of the same chemicals. Could it be that inanimate matter has some kind of consciousness too, just to a much lower degree that we do? Ibn Al Arabi clothed this idea into an inspiring little poem:


God sleeps in rocks,

Dreams in plants,

Stirs in animals,

Awakens in humans.


We find the same concept in the following beautiful Bible verse: “In the beginning was the word [cosmic consciousness]. The word was with God [Spirit]. The word was God. It was with God in the beginning. All things were made by it, and nothing was made without it. In it is life [vitality], and life is the light of mankind [human consciousness]. The light shines in the darkness [inorganic matter], but the darkness comprehends it not.” – John 1

We use to think that consciousness is the result of organic structure. What if consciousness assembles organisms? What if the two support each other like Yin and Yang, form and force? Something like consciousness creates organisms, organisms allow for experiences that evolve its consciousness, and its evolved consciousness improves the organisms – a benevolent circle.


Inspiration and Enlightenment Ying Yang Awareness Life Form


The harmonious interaction of Yin and Yang produce the Tao – the way of life.

Inspired Life vs. Enlightenment

You can live an inspired life without enlightenment, be an artist, live your dream, fulfill your heart’s desire, be happy, and there is nothing wrong with this.

When your soul is ready, you can go beyond that and join others in the quest for enlightenment.

I see it like this: if spirit vitalizes as worldly subject, inspiration happens. If it vitalizes an existential subject, enlightenment happens.

Inspiration and Enlightenment are Irreversible

The graph has no scientific or statistical foundation, I just came up with it. Telling from experience it is tedious to climb out of the hole of depression. Once close to ground zero it is much easier to move up into positive territory and past motivation to an inspired life. When we reach the area of enlightenment, progress slows down again as we approach the ultimate achievement: illumination (not shown in the graph).

Of course, the graph is smoothed out. We encounter countless ups and downs while we move, slowly but surely, up the value chain towards illumination.

Can the process be reversed? No! Consciousness cannot be undone. Evolution of consciousness is inevitable. Nothing can stop us, only delay us. Although progress is so slow that is happens unnoticed, we level up once in a while. That’s when the lowest low is higher than the highest high of a previous level.


The graph above makes the value of inspiration obvious. Inspirations are injections of vitality-consciousness that elevates our awareness, enlightens the mind, and vitalizes the body.

Inspirations boost your spirit. Here is an excerpt from Merriam Webster’s definition of spirit:

  • An animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms.
  • A temper or disposition of mind or outlook especially when vigorous or animated (being in high spirits).
  • The immaterial intelligent or sentient part of a person.
  • The activating or essential principle influencing a person (acted in a spirit of helpfulness), an inclination, impulse, or tendency of a specified kind, a mood.
  • A special attitude or frame of mind (the money-making spirit was for a time driven back — J. A. Froude), a feeling, quality, or disposition characterizing something (undertaken in a spirit of fun).

Spirit keeps you alive, kicking, dreaming, curious, passionate, and yearning. Spirit is the source of all your mental energies, drives, desires, motivations, and aspirations. And this is what in-spiration means: to invite spirit to vitalize your inner and outer life.

Spirit produces and vitalizes the four intangible human values love, happiness, beauty, and purpose. These four intangibles define mankind, together with our fundamental drive for the expansion of consciousness that leads to enlightenment.

But mind that inspirational words don’t bear spirit. They just trigger your inner source of spirit. They open a hidden well covered under the debris of worries and bad memories. Inspirations re-connect you to the inner core of vitality that has galvanized people to raise civilizations, discover new lands, climb the highest mountains, dive into the deepest seas, build the Hanging Gardens, compose the Ode to Joy, paint the Mona Lisa, and fight for freedom and political equality.

The opposite of inspiration is expiration. 😉

No More Fear!

Inspirations get you out of your box. Hence, inspiration goes beyond motivation. Motivation is all about psyching up. People motivate themselves to carry on doing what they are doing – e. g. running the hound race. Motivation is good if you are on the right track, but it’s twice as bad when you’re off track. It will drive you down an ugly spiral.

We can’t cope with inspirations all the time since change worries us. Subconsciously, we fear inspiration, because it leads to adjustment, change, and transformation. Fear is the handbrake of social and personal progress. This is no joke. Anxiety disorders are the most common psychological issues in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults above age 18. That’s 18% of the population (source: National Institute of Mental Health). Almost half of all people diagnosed with an anxiety disorder are also diagnosed with depression.

Fear motivates soldiers to keep fighting, but they need to be inspired by unconditional comradeship to sacrifice their lives for their buddies. Take the famous battle at Thermopylae for example, where 7,000 Greek warriors defied an army of 150,000 Persians for three days. Spoils and fear motivated the Persian soldiers, but the Greeks were inspired to protect their freedom and families – a world of difference!

Honor and Glory

Inspiration aims high: at honor and glory. Inspiration brings out the best in us, makes us do things we never thought possible. Fighting against all odds inspires us too, like the last Samurai. Children inspire too. Have you ever seen pictures of children playing happily in slums? Children can inspire us even in times when all seems lost.

Empathy and an unconditional helping hand inspire too.


Inspiration and Enlightenment Helping Hand


Love stories inspire us as well. Not just those between a man and woman, but also between parents and their children and friends. But mind that love has a secret.

A Professional Life with Inspiration and Enlightenment

Professionalism and inspiration go hand in hand. You need that when you want to level up to inspiration and enlightenment.

What does professionalism (and inspiration) mean? It means sticking to the right principles no matter what. If you sail out to the sea, you better trust your maps and GPS or you will get lost.

Do you know how to play chess? A grandmaster can calculate eight moves ahead, common players three to four. Four moves already entail 70,000 possible combinations, so, how does a chess master deal with such a variety of possibilities? He eliminates bad moves by thinking strategically – meaning he adheres to the right principles. After reducing the number of possible moves to a few that make sense, he calculates each combination thread up to eight moves ahead. Then, he makes his choice. Without strategy, a chess player is doomed.

Life is much more complex than a chess game, the rules are fluid, and the board has unlimited fields. Worse, you play many boards at the same time, like your family board, your career board, and your social board. Stick to the right principles and – long-term – your life will work.

What does professionalism have to do with inspiration and enlightenment? Inspirations and light bulb moments convey principles. If you read an inspiring quote, you think, I should remember and apply that! don’t you?

Inspirations inject principles into your mind, which help you make changes for the better.

Fields of Study

Which fields of study are involved in this value chain of inspiration and enlightenment?

Inspiration and Enlightenment Value Chain Graph Psychologies


Of course, traditional and positive psychology deal with other psychological issues too, but these may just be derivates of this fundamental value chain that moves souls from suicidal to enlightenment.

This workshop of inspiration and enlightenment deals mostly with what takes place above the motivation milestone, however, I will collect inspiring posts and speeches about depression and suicide as well.

Don’t worry too much about psychology. Keep inspiring yourself, and you will be alright.

Religion and Prophecy – Inspiration and Enlightenment

For a long time, religion has been in charge of the inspiration value chain (besides morality). But religious soul work just doesn’t work that well anymore.


Inspiration and Enlightenment Value Chain Graph Religion

Why is there a difference between religion and prophecy? This is important. In Christianity, prophecy (enlightenment) was exiled into the monasteries. Who goes to church to be enlightened? Christianity does not go beyond inspiration and that is the reason why many people are looking for alternatives, e. g. Buddhism and Yoga.

Christianity has other issues too, e. g. it does not evolve with the knowledge and science of modern society, and it has some somber legacies that are holding it back. As there is a need for positive psychology, there is a need for positive religion.

Positive religion is happening, but it has not fully separated itself from its old-school gloom and still holds onto concepts like sin, damnation, and the devil. Here is an inspiring article: Church is History or is it Not?

I dedicated the first years of my author career to promoting a contemporary, spiritual Christianity. I deal with the possibility of modern prophecy is my book The Priest Whisperer, the story of a pastor who is suddenly called to prophecy. It was my first book, and, to be frank, it misses a proper plot. It is still a bit inspiring I think, so, I left the first episode out there as a relic of my early days. One day I will pick it up again to give it a proper plot.

Genesis is a more recent work that puts away with the notions of original sin and damnation. Mankind is the greatest business in the universe! Genesis is also science-proof since it shows that Genesis illustrates the creation and formation of other dimensions or universes and cosmic mankind long before the Big Bang took place.

Holistic Self-realization and Feng Shui 101 are the first books I published in the inspiration sector. I hope to publish more like those soon.

I used to maintain two blogs. The Daily Inspirer was dedicated to inspiration and Nu Christ to a contemporary spiritual Christianity. With the Inspiration and Enlightenment workshop, I attempt to combine the two subjects and dedicate the rest of my life to helping people moving upwards the inspiration value chain, wherever they may be at the moment.

How to be an Inspiration?

Be a pro at being yourself.

Show people who you are!

Show them your beauty and shine bright like a diamond!

Just as a butterfly has to break out of its cocoon to realize that it can fly, so do people need to break out of their boxes, spread the wings of their minds, and pursue their heart’s desire.

How to do that?

Watch the workshop video Holistic Self-realization. It is a free video for all who join my inspiration and enlightenment workshop.


Picture attribution: copyright svetazi @ 123RF Stock Photo