Inner Peace

Corner Bar, 26th July 2016, 22:15

Mind: Check out that handsome guy over there.

Brain: Where?

Mind: At the bar.

Brain: Cute smile.

Mind: Is he smiling at us?

Brain: Smile back!

Mind: As you wish … OMG He’s coming over!

Brain: Cool, I’m bored.

Mind: We just broke up with our boyfriend.

Brain: A nice chat will help us get over it.

Mind: Sounds like trouble to me.

Brain: Relax, buddy. I’ll take care of it.


Apartment, 27th July 2016, 08:25

Brain: Coffee please!

Mind: Wait, Body needs to pee.

Body: Yawn! BRB.

Mind: I enjoyed the guy last night.

Brain: I gave him our number.

Mind: Wow. I’m not ready.

Brain: I’m happy we’re single and I don’t want to change that.

Mind: Good!


Coffee Shop, 28th July 2016, 13:15

Brain: Get ready, he could be here any moment.

Body: How do I look?

Mind: Why are we dating this guy?

Brain: His name is Dan. I’m dating him because he entertains me.

Mind: Don’t take this too far, OK?

Brain: I can handle it.

Mind: Yeah, sure! 😉

Brain: It’s like drinking. I have fun, get tipsy, go home.

Mind: I like tipsy. It relaxes me. What about the hangover?

Brain: I throw in an aspirin.

Mind: How if the guy hooks you?

Brain: His name is Dan … maybe you’re right. I need to take it down a few notches.

Body: I need a massage.


Apartment, 29th July 2016, 09:15

Mind: That taking-it-down-a-few-notches didn’t work, did it?

Brain: Ahh – I have a hangover.

Mind: Sex after three days, really?

Brain: Hach … Alright, I’ll ask for space.

Feelings: I think I like him.

Mind and Brain: WTF?!

Feelings: I think I like him!

Brain: Please not again! Did you forget the headache from our last bf?

Feelings: I didn’t have headache – you had headache. I want romance.

Brain: I get headache but you get heartache. LOL

Mind: This is not happening! This is not happening!

Feelings: I like him. What you’re gonna do about it?

Brain: NIMBY. I’m in charge.

Feelings: Dream on!

Brain: I have sex one more time and then good bye!

Feelings: Fine!


At the Office, 6th August 2016, 10:30, Coffee Break

Mind: I cannot believe what Feeling did last night!

Brain: How could she tell Dan she loves him? We will never get rid of him now. 🙁

Body: Ahh … that massage was gooood.

Mind: I’m not ready for this!

Brain: You will get a complete make-over. LMAO

Mind: HA-HA! And you will have to fix all the relationship problems.

Brain: Yeah, I need to stop Feeling. Let’s try the suspicion trick!

Mind: Go! That works every time.

Brain: One wrong remark and I’m all over him.

Body: Isn’t that a bit too harsh?

Brain: Feeling is stronger than me. I need to trick her.

Mind: Maybe winning isn’t the point.

Brain: And what is the point, smartass?

Mind: Not sure, brainass!


Apartment, 10th August 2016, 20:15

Mind: Why do you guys have to fight all the time?

Feeling: Brain is always complaining.

Body: I don’t like when Dan doesn’t shave.

Feelings: Appearances are not important.

Brain: He forgot our monthery.

Body: He snores, I can’t sleep. Yawn.

Brain: He spends too much time with his buddies.

Feeling: I’m used to him now, his flaws too!

Brain: WTF!

Mind: Brain, why don’t you talk to Dan? Maybe he can adapt.

Brain: Talk to a guy? Do you think that could work?

Mind: He’s human.

Feelings: Dan is not negotiable. If you have issues with him, fix them!

Brain: I just wait till Feeling gets bored.

Feeling: I won’t.

Brain: Yes, you will.

Feeling: No, I won’t.

Brain: Yes you will.

Feeling: No, I won’t.

Mind: Shut up!

Brain: Let’s have a girl’s night out, shopping, manicure-

Body: Another massage.

Feeling: Dan is coming over with a Chardonnay. Wait till tomorrow.

Brain: Fine!


Central Park, 15th August 2017, 16:40

Body: Let’s lie down in the sun.

Mind: What about a little nap?

Brain: Remember why we came here. It’s decision time, guys.

Feeling: What a romantic proposal at Grand Central!

Brain: Hmpf, I didn’t see it coming. Alright, let’s vote.

Mind: Dan gives me enough attention. I vote yes.

Brain: I’m worried that we only know him a couple of months. Sorry, it’s a no.

Feeling: A big yes.

Body: I don’t know. I don’t want to get pregnant.

Brain: That’s a tie.

Feeling: We can’t give him a no. That will hurt his feelings.

Brain: I can ask for more time.


A long silence. Clouds come and go.


Heart: I love him.

Mind, Brain, Feeling, and Body: Who are you?

Heart: The Heart.

Brain: Never heard of you!

Heart: Because you guys are so noisy all the time.

Feeling: What do you mean by ‘you love him’? You mean you ‘like him’?

Heart: No, you like him, I love him.

Brain: What’s the difference?

Heart: You like and want to be liked. I want to love.

Brain: Don’t you want to be loved back?

Heart: I don’t really care whether I’m loved or not. I want to love.

Mind: What’s the use in that?

Heart: There’s no use in that. That’s what I do. I love. I shine. You can’t understand that.

Brain: Try me.

Heart: Alright. What if I told you that I have always loved Dan?

Brain: That’s nonsense. How can you love him before you met him?

Heart: Love is eternal.

Brain: I don’t get it.

Heart: Told ya!

Feeling: Is it wrong that I want Dan to make romance with me?

Heart: No. Go ahead. That’s your nature.

Brain: Is it wrong that I want to have fun with him?

Heart: Go ahead and be happy.

Mind: Is it wrong that I want his attention?

Heart: It’s alright, be yourself!

Brain: What about you, Heart?

Heart: I love. And when you are long gone, I will still be here and love and love and love.

Brain: What a speech. What’s your vote?

Heart: It doesn’t matter to me if we get married or not. I vote present.

Brain: I need a drink.

Body: Massage pls.

Feeling: I can get used to Heart.

Mind: Me too!


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