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How To Keep Writing

How to Keep Writing

One needs passion to be able to work hard. But passion is a fire that dies eventually. That’s true for work and relationships. Passion needs to be replaced with love, which isn’t as noisy as passion, but stronger and more enduring. Remember Steve Jobs? “The only way to do great work is to love what […]

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Work With Stars

Work With the Stars

Are you swimming against currents? Out of sync with the universe? In the wrong place at the wrong time again? No synchronicities?  If you experience one or more of these symptoms, it’s probably because you don’t think energy or vibes. According to physics, vibes are real, not things. The universe is a matrix of countless, ever-changing, interwoven rhythms. And […]

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Author's Life

An Author’s Life

The Baby Writer A baby author is born, hallelujah! Babies are selfish and introverted and so is the new-born author. (S)he writes with spectacular ambition about what (s)he thinks, feels, and experiences. “Finally, I have a voice and I will tell it my way!” Knock yourself out, but nobody likes baby writer’s stuff. Your babbling is cute […]

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Story of Stories

The Story of Stories

Christopher Booker analyzed the psychological structures of countless stories and found that all stories conform to a meta-plot with five basic parts. These are the five stages of the story of stories: The anticipation stage: the protagonist is dragged into the adventure (and adversity) The dream stage: the protagonist deals with the adventure and struggles […]

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