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I use storygrid, to plot my stories. Here are my ideas and comments on this great tool.

The Global Turning Point

Shawn Coyne explains the Global Inciting Incident, Global Complications, the Global Crisis, the Global Climax, and the Global Resolution, but what about the Global Turning Point? A Turning Point is a complication that turns the tides and produces irreversible change – in the protagonist’s life or consciousness. A couple of times Shawn Coyne did mention […]

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The Life Death Value Chain

I suggest a little improvement of the value chain of life and death. Currently it is Life <-> Unconscious <-> Death <-> Damnation Unconscious describes a state of mind and belongs to the internal content genre. Survival or surviving is a better term. Life <-> Survival <-> Death <-> Damnation That would resonate with many people whose […]

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