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A Modern Crash Course In Spirituality

Why a modern crash course in spirituality, a subject that could fill libraries? It’s true, one could talk about spirituality forever, but one could also sum it up in one word: Love.
We can also describe it by refusing to do so – Lao-tze did that.
These days, many religious minds hear the spiritual call. Maybe it’s our fast changing society. Maybe it’s the dawn of the Aquarian Age. Maybe because religion is too old school. Hence the need for a crash course.  
The spiritual landscape is fragmented, obscure, sometimes weird. Modern people need something concise. Hence, the need for a modern course.
Most spiritual scriptures are ancient. At that time, people thought differently, felt differently, and they used language differently. It’s high time for some modernization. Hence, a modern crash course.

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

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