I had to nudge myself to write this page. I’m blessed with an introspective personality and don’t like to stand in the spotlight. But I wrote a couple of books and plan to write more. I need to present my personality, though I don’t feel that it matters much.

I believe that an author is not the source, but a channel through which a book comes into being. The more humble the writer, the more unobstructed the channel and the better the book. Self-importance is not only the sorcerers’ supreme enemy but the nemesis of mankind. – Carlos Castaneda. Yeah, writers are sorcerers or sorceresses! 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that self-importance is a matter of morality. Eroding selfishness is a strategy that puts us in contact with our higher self – the True Writer. Having said that, personality is still important, since has the writing skills and know-how.

I love to write visionary, spiritual, and inspirational fiction, but also non-fiction, and poems when time allows. Screenplays? I literally dreamt one up, but that’s currently at the bottom of the bucket list. 

For almost three decades, I have pursued a spiritual career at B.O.T.A., a modern mystery school teaching the arcana of Tarot, Qabalah, Gematria, esoteric Astrology, and Alchemy. That’s Hermetic or Christian Qabalah  and my spiritual background. 

I was born in Germany and enjoyed two years backpacking in Australia, New Zealand, and South-East Asia in my early twenties.

After getting married, I chose a necessity-career in the telecommunication industry. Since then, I have worked as a business development manager in Europe, Middle East, and in Asia. 

2012 I finally managed to kick-start a hobby career as a writer. Around the same time, I stumbled upon the mechanical translation of the Genesis authored by Jeff Benner. I almost couldn’t recognize the Bible. I felt like a literary archeologist when I dived into the Bible’s unexpected mysterious realm. This inspired me to author the God Child tetralogy, deliberately written with the purpose of bridging the gap between religion and spirituality. I maintain a spiritual and inspirational blog, www.nuchrist.com and www.dailyinspirer.com. Nu Christ is an attempt to modernize Christianity without losing its spiritual legacy, but with losing its institutional legacy – no offense. The Daily Inspirer is less spiritual and aims at motivating and inspiring people to achieve their heart’s desire.   

At the moment, I live in the Philippines and work in Indonesia. When I’m not writing, I play with my seven-year-old son, take him to his Taekwondo training, or for a trip to the beach.

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